Monday, May 16, 2011

In which I use the word "bounty" multiple times for my own enjoyment.

Last week-- last Friday to be exact, I made a decision. I am so in love with my local Saturday Farmer's Market that I think everyone should be able to partake in its bounty. (That's one!) When I get an idea in my head, in this case, that everyone should experience fresh, local, in season fruits and vegetables and other whatnots as often as possible, it doesn't go away. So, next month I will hold my very first Farmer's Market Dinner. I've invited 10 people, fully expecting maybe half of that number to actually make it. Whether one person or all 10 show up, I'm pretty excited about this idea.

Here's what will happen:
On the morning of Saturday, June 18th, I will get my ass to my local farmer's market early enough to get first pick of whatever (here it comes again) bounty it has to offer. I'll develop the menu in my head as I shop, and by the time I leave there I will have determined, approximately, what each course will be, from appetizers to dessert. I'll come home, write out the menu, make my final tweaks, and get to prepping. By 6:30pm that evening, I will have prepared three courses made entirely (except for seasoning) of food procured at the market.

If I decide to be REALLY ambitious, I will also prepare a little goodie, also made from my farmer's market (hahahahaha) bounty, for my guests to take home with them. Who doesn't love going home with a present? Especially an edible one!

I am fully confident that this whole plan can and will be executed as planned, because my local market has the best, friendliest vendors with the best, freshest, most beautiful and delicious (wait for iiiiit...) bounty. I'm excited to share it with my friends because I honestly feel like there is no better way to demonstrate to people how much better fresh, locally produced food is than to make something delicious out of it and shove it directly into their faces.

A friend suggested that I do this every month. We'll see how the first one goes, but I would LOVE to have the opportunity to convert even more people with my (oh boy oh boy oh boy) bounty. Or at least, give them the opportunity to experience a totally local meal at least once.

Folks, I grew up a Jehovah's Witness. I know how to proselytize. No, I'm not going to be waking your sleepy tookus up out of bed on a Saturday morning to force feed you an heirloom tomato. But, if I can combine all the things I love (cooking, food, feeding people, and shopping local) into a way to spread a healthy, happy message, you can bet your sweet bippy I'mma jump at the chance.

I leave you with this one final thought.... you ready for it?


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